This October we’ll be back again in London and Seattle hosting our “SQL in the City” events

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Over the years, our SQL in the City events have proved enormously popular in offering SQL Server training to hundreds of database professionals. Now in its fifth year, SQL in the City attracts Database Administrators and developers (as well as other professionals who work with SQL Server) who want to hear the world’s top SQL Server speakers... read more

Sometimes the tool just fits – using Redgate DLM and Octopus Deploy for data change control

From a business risk perspective, data change can be just as significant as code or schema change. Sometimes even more so; an incorrect static (or reference, or master) data change can drive your software’s behaviour more dangerously askew than pretty much any bug can. Imagine treating a retail customer for an investment fund as a corporate... read more

What are the 5 vital organs of your business?

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It’s interesting to think of a business as a living organism, with equivalent parts to those we regard as critical parts in complex life-forms. A business has brains – you hope – in the boardroom. It has limbs – well co-ordinated, muscular divisions that put together the products and services that the business sells.... read more

Quick Extended Properties with SQL Prompt

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I’ve been experimenting with Extended Properties, and I found myself slightly annoyed by the syntax of adding and updating Extended Properties. I decided to take advantage of SQL Prompt to store the commonly used code for adding and updating properties. Adding Properties I’m a big fan of naming the snippets the first thing that comes to... read more

Source controlling database users

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How should you source control database users? This topic came up a couple of times recently. Once at the inaugural Redgate database source control training day and once or twice at SQL Saturday Exeter when, somewhere in between the foot jenga, pirate hats, and explosive Phil Factor unmasking (if you believe it?), I found... read more

DLM Training Workshops

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As I’ve been speaking and training people on Database Lifecycle Management (DLM), I’ve learned one thing. Trying to implement version control, and Continuous Integration (CI), and automated releases of code is hard. The concept is simple, but all of the various processes, tools, and links that need to be connected can be hard. I’ve... read more

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