Deploying your software shouldn’t feel like visiting the dentist

As a project manager, the process of deploying software can be fraught with anxiety and dread. I can think about numerous times in my career where, in the shadow of an approaching release deadline, the thought of having to deploy our application was akin to contemplating an imminent visit to the dentist. In fact, even the mechanism for getting our ‘awesome new features’ into the hands of our users felt like pulling teeth. The temptation is to deploy as infrequently... read more

The success of weekly releases

Back in August 2013, the Redgate development team I work with decided that they will only release their product on Wednesdays. In fact, they decided they were going to release every Wednesday. We were keen to get away from the ‘opportunist’ release process we had fallen into, where we released whenever an opportunity arose. This... read more

Customer-Specific Database Deployments

A question that we often get asked is how to deploy specific variations of a database to different customers. Or how to deploy different static configuration data to each customer, and how to version control, test and deploy this per customer in an automated way. In the post below I'm going to run through an... read more

Release Wednesdays: Deliberate, Frequent Releases

The team I work with release every Wednesday. Why? Well, we believe in releasing frequently to give our users valuable enhancements as quickly as possible and to get timely feedback on the direction we are taking the product. We've believe in keeping the delta between releases small and the risk associated with an individual release... read more

Database CI and automated deployment with Jenkins: a Step by Step Tutorial

First things first: at the original time of writing (October 2013) I was not a developer; I was a tech sales guy. I helped customers get started with database continuous integration (CI) and deployment. When I wrote this piece I hadn’t used Jenkins before. However, I got it working in less than an hour... read more

The 5 Big Benefits of Automated Deployment

“Every software development team should have a fully automated deployment process.” That's according to pretty much everyone I meet at conferences and events. It's not even a debate. It's a declaration. In actual fact there are only a small percentage of software development teams who have a ‘one-click’, totally hands-off, fully automated deployment process. Many teams... read more

5 Tips for Achieving Continuous Delivery

If you’re struggling to set up a reliable, repeatable release process you’re not alone. The good news is that most of the problems you’ll encounter have been solved before. There are many smart strategies you can use to create a fast, smooth release process that will give your entire team a competitive edge. #1: Version everything Source... read more

Why we invested in 3T’s MongoChef

We recently announced that we’ve invested in 3T, makers of MongoChef, a GUI for MongoDB. A few weeks ago, our CEO Simon wrote about why we have a good feeling about 3T. But we know innovation made Redgate great, and it’s through innovation that we’ll stay great – so how do we balance in-house innovation... read more

We Create The Politics Ourselves

Originally published at Back in June 2013 I was asked to facilitate a discussion exploring one of Red Gate’s company values – “No Politics“. This was the second in a series of open sessions that the company had initiated to preserve and highlight what they have valued for many years and to get to the bottom of... read more

Why we are sponsoring Talk UX

Earlier this year, I was asked by Georgie Bottomley if Redgate would be willing to sponsor Talk UX, a day-long UX conference in Manchester taking place this week. I first met Georgie in May, after we both gave a lightning talk at UX London. She was full of ideas and her energy was contagious. Given... read more