Evolving our licensing system

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… and using database lifecycle management Overview We’ve put together a Licensing Project team at Redgate, in order to begin rebuilding the systems that manage licences for our commercial database tools, and we’re aiming to get some useful feedback for the database tools team on the use of their new tools and the approach to database lifecycle... read more

Organizing Databases on the DLM Dashboard

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Hopefully you’ve already heard about DLM Dashboard?  It’s Redgate’s new free tool for helping anyone who’s responsible for knowing what database schema is deployed where.  If you hadn’t heard of it please feel free to download it, set it up, and come back to reading this post in about half an hour… Back with... read more

The 5 Big Benefits of Automated Deployment

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“Every software development team should have a fully automated deployment process.” That's according to pretty much everyone I meet at conferences and events. It's not even a debate. It's a declaration. In actual fact there are only a small percentage of software development teams who have a ‘one-click’, totally hands-off, fully automated deployment process. Many teams... read more

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