Why we are sponsoring Talk UX

Earlier this year, I was asked by Georgie Bottomley if Redgate would be willing to sponsor Talk UX, a day-long UX conference in Manchester taking place this week. I first met Georgie in May, after we both gave a lightning talk at UX London. She was full of ideas and her energy was contagious. Given how much Redgate believes in UX and in giving back to the community, it seemed right to support a new small venture that promised a... read more

Not the only Business Analyst

I wrote in October about how I am the only Business Analyst working at Redgate. That’s still true, I didn’t just fail to notice a few more of us! But it turns out that BA skills are used in lots of other roles here too, so while I’m the only one with the ‘Business... read more

PagerDuty, 3T and Three Nodding Heads

Some years ago, Redgate founded the Springboard incubator for start-ups. We put the word out and got people to apply – if you were successful, we’d give you a bit of money, office space and mentoring. It wasn’t something we’d tried before, so Neil Davidson and I did a fair bit of the interviewing.... read more

Introducing DLM to the ALM Crowd

At the moment we’re working more closely with the Microsoft ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) community than ever before, and focusing on building strong relationships with consultants and trainers.  These two things are actually very much related. There are strong parallels between ALM and Database Lifecycle Management, both in terms of the concepts & practices... read more

Redgate Partners with DZone to Release 2015 Guide to Continuous Delivery

We’re excited to be a research partner for DZone’s Guide to Continuous Delivery, a premium resource focused on continuous integration and DevOps management trends, strategies, and tools. In this guide you’ll get an overview of Continuous Delivery practices and how continuous delivery affects many aspects of an organization. It includes: • Articles written by... read more

How to Write a Blog Post

Reposted with kind permission from Simple-Talk. I’m going to try to explain, from my own experience, how to write  articles, blogs, features or  short pieces  that people will want to read. Writing is like having a one-way conversation. Just as when you try to engage in conversation, you have to be aware of what the... read more

Why Recruiting Product Managers is so Difficult

Good product managers can’t really be unicorns, can they? Well they can’t be, because we have some great product managers at Redgate. So why then is it so difficult to recruit more? Redgate is an amazing place to work, are these people just not applying? Are we asking for the wrong thing? Too much?... read more

Desire Lines in software architecture: what can we learn from landscape architecture?

Reposted with kind permission from CodeBork. Before Christmas I was talking with Simon about an architectural approach we’d taken on a recent project. The aim of the project is to replace an existing WinForms user interface with a shiny new HTML and JavaScript version. Part of this involves making HTTP requests back to the... read more

What SQL Lighthouse beta, spaghetti sauce and The Mom Test have shown us about ways to deploy database changes

Spaghetti sauce and variation Note: SQL Lighthouse is now called DLM Dashboard.  There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the challenge of implementing an automated database deployment pipeline. This much has become very obvious as we have developed SQL Lighthouse (now DLM Dashboard), a database lifecycle management (DLM) dashboard and alerting system to help teams monitor... read more

Please stop! The 2 biggest mistakes when applying for a UX role

There’s no doubt about it – hiring can be a long and difficult process. Of all the applications you receive for a role, only a small percentage might actually be considered seriously for an interview. The reasons often range from the rather mundane (e.g. lack the required skills or experience) to those who seem... read more