User research- It’s Better as a Team Sport

User research is a team sport as many user research teams – particularly those working in agile development teams, such as the GDS User research team – have discovered. This discovery is perhaps due to the growing realisation that user research in the agile software development cycle has the greatest impact when it isn’t ‘owned’ solely by the user researcher or the user experience team. At Red Gate , although user experience (UX) is everybody’s business, there are still... read more

Top 3 Tips for Getting Started with Testing a Mature Product

Developers and testers generally don’t like to work on a mature product with a legacy code base, especially when the majority of the team has no previous knowledge of either. Having said that, while building and testing a mature product can prove a lot more challenging than tackling a greenfield one, my recent experiences suggest there... read more

Testing Community

Testing Community One of the best things about working at Red Gate is that we work in small agile multifunctional teams. As a tester, I really enjoy close interaction with the developers and other roles, just being able to turn around and discuss things with them. Also I love being involved right from the... read more

Resolutions 2015

At this jolly time of year I like to look fondly towards the next and think about what I want to achieve and do. Usually this results in a list of challenges I set myself for the year ahead. I then post this list as a Facebook status update to make it public and... read more

The pleasure of Down Tools Week

I’ve just arrived home. It’s a Friday and another Down Tools Week has ended. I’m writing this post to capture my feeling in this exact moment before my emotions disappear and I start to enter the “weekend mode”. I feel very tired. It was hard work but I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved. For... read more

What’s in a (Strong) Name?

Reposted with kind permission from Package managers Package managers are brilliant. The obvious win is the convenience of versioning your dependencies without having to commit binaries to Git. Lots of people use package managers for third party dependencies, but I’m going to talk about using them for components within an organisation. This is where package... read more

Why Red Gate stopped paying commission to sales people: Part 4 – still not convinced?

“You’re wrong about your sales organisation, sales people are coin-operated, my sales organisation is different, your weird thing would be insane here.” When I’ve visited other companies, I’ve found that they often put their sales teams in a different environment to development, marketing, etc. – one company called the sales team’s area the “sales... read more

JavaScript Unit Tests

The amount of JavaScript code being used at Red Gate is increasing quite rapidly. We are writing more web based products and also opting to use web technologies like CEF for our desktop products, so it is inevitable that a lot of our code is going to be written in JavaScript, like it or... read more

Tips on mentoring

Recently I wrote about how I got in to my role as Business Analyst at Red Gate and how a big part of making it a success was the mentoring I received. I wanted to go a little deeper in to the different types of mentoring I’ve tried, how to find the right mentor... read more

Why we stopped paying commission to sales people: Part 3 – does not paying commission actually improve your sales organisation?

When people hear about the fact that Red Gate doesn’t pay commission (Daniel Pink mentioned us in his book Drive, which got the word out), they often write me notes saying what a fantastic or terrible idea they think it is. People will tell me what an idiot I am, or how wise I... read more