Monthly Archives: April 2012

Consulting the past

Bill Buxton kicked off UX London 2012 with a talk on ‘Long noses, sampling, synthesis, design and innovation’. What I found most interesting about this talk was his view that good designs don’t come from alchemy, but from prospecting. The idea of a lone genius designer with profound powers of invention is a myth – innovation comes from mining and refining ideas that are already out there. He gave the example of the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards who, when... read more

UX London in sketchnotes

Last week our UX team were lucky enough to attend UX London 2012 for three days of inspiration, learning and networking. I’ve been practising sketchnoting (aka visual notetaking) since UX Cambridge last year. Here are my sketchnotes of most the talks and workshops I attended at UX London (also available on Flickr). On Long Noses,... read more

Sketchnotes from a talk by Peldi from Balsamiq

This week Peldi from Balsamiq visited Red Gate. I’m an avid fan of Balsamiq Mockups. It’s a very simple, sketchy wireframing tool which our team uses a lot for early designs and wireframes. At lunchtime Peldi gave an excellent talk about the importance of listening to your customers, based on his own experiences of starting developing Balsamiq... read more

The Install Experience: An Important Link in the Chain

A product’s installer is something that can often be forgotten about in the evaluation process of more traditional desktop software. When you actually stop to think about it for a moment – once a user has the executable and double clicks on it, it’s the beginning of our first real experience of the tool.... read more