Monthly Archives: October 2012

Deliberate Practice

It’s easy to assume, as software engineers, that there is little need to “practice” writing code. After all, we write code all day long! Just by writing a little each day, we’re constantly learning and getting better, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Of course, developers do improve with experience. Each time we encounter a problem we’re more likely to avoid it next time. If we’re in a team that deploys software early and often, we hone and improve... read more

Targeting Actions for Great User Experiences – Dot Vote or Force Rank?

“A Meeting without an Objective is a Chat”, so states the Book of Red Gate. In my experience setting a high-level objective for a meeting is easier than getting agreement on the list of actions to reach it. Likewise setting the goals of usability tests seems much easier than forming the prioritised list of development... read more