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At Red Gate, we like building stuff. We build products, tools, LEGO, devices, and more. We like building stuff so much, we built this blog to talk about building stuff!

Here you will find posts on what stuff we’re building, how we go about building that stuff, and what we value and encourage in our people who build stuff for us.

Ship it! The DLM Dashboard beta is over

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The beta is over, and we’re excited to announce the release of the free edition of DLM Dashboard.  The free edition can watch up to 5 databases, and there’s a limit on how much history you can see for each database. We’ll be launching paid for editions soon which let you track more than... read more

Evolving our licensing system

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… and using database lifecycle management Overview We’ve put together a Licensing Project team at Redgate, in order to begin rebuilding the systems that manage licences for our commercial database tools, and we’re aiming to get some useful feedback for the database tools team on the use of their new tools and the approach to database lifecycle... read more

Desire Lines in software architecture: what can we learn from landscape architecture?

Reposted with kind permission from CodeBork. Before Christmas I was talking with Simon about an architectural approach we’d taken on a recent project. The aim of the project is to replace an existing WinForms user interface with a shiny new HTML and JavaScript version. Part of this involves making HTTP requests back to the... read more

Top 3 Tips for Getting Started with Testing a Mature Product

Developers and testers generally don’t like to work on a mature product with a legacy code base, especially when the majority of the team has no previous knowledge of either. Having said that, while building and testing a mature product can prove a lot more challenging than tackling a greenfield one, my recent experiences suggest there... read more

Testing Community

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Testing Community One of the best things about working at Red Gate is that we work in small agile multifunctional teams. As a tester, I really enjoy close interaction with the developers and other roles, just being able to turn around and discuss things with them. Also I love being involved right from the... read more

What’s in a (Strong) Name?

Reposted with kind permission from Package managers Package managers are brilliant. The obvious win is the convenience of versioning your dependencies without having to commit binaries to Git. Lots of people use package managers for third party dependencies, but I’m going to talk about using them for components within an organisation. This is where package... read more