Playing with Challenge Cards

Since I joined Red Gate in October, I’ve really enjoyed attending our ‘Collab Lab’ sessions. Inspired by Dave Gray’s book Gamestorming, a group of like minded folk within Red Gate get together for an hour every fortnight to try out games and facilitation techniques. We explore how to play the game and discuss how we could use the game or technique effectively in our day to day work. Last week we tried out the Challenge Cards game. The object... read more

Collab Lab: Speedboat Session

Collab Lab Every Wednesday at Red Gate, just before lunch, we run a club known as the ‘Collab Lab’. This is open to everyone at Red Gate but tends to have a rather strong UX presence. The aim of the club is for us to improve our collaborative decision making skills by learning and practising graphic... read more

Down Tools Week – Gaming around

Every 3 months at Red Gate we hold our Down Tools Week (DTW), in which everyone in development stops working on their regular projects and is allowed to work on their own min-project ideas. In the UX team we saw this as an ideal opportunity to also try out some new ways of working... read more