The UX Team

  • Adam P

    An early fascination with fire and giant paper-mache dinosours led, naturally, to a career in UX. It’s no surprise then that Adam’s most memorable experience so far at Red Gate involved building camp fires and throwing axes – at imaginary dinosours. Probably.

  • Adam W

    Adam’s first role at Red Gate was recruiting over 200 participants for usability sessions when nobody had any idea his family was that large. Since then he has carried out research across a range of Red Gate’s tools, spending the last few years as UX designer on SQL Monitor.

  • Filippa

    Filippa came to the team as a graduate hire in October 2012, and spent her first several months drinking the rest of us under the table and laughing at our creaky, creaky knees. She may have moved on from the graduate role, but she never did complete those usability sessions looking into the feasibility of those kids getting off our lawn. Damn whippersnappers.

  • Jon

    Jon first cut his teeth as a user experience designer in the world of engineering plant design software. Working in this domain he spent many years as a company champion and evangelist for user centred design. This involved doing lots of research, company presentations, hand-waving and devising cunning strategies for introducing change. Occasionally he would find time for some actual design work. Jon joined Red Gate in 2009, keen to seek out new challenges in the fun world of software usability.

  • Marine

    Marine is the Head of User Experience (or ‘Tête de l’expérience utilisateur’ as she insists we address her). This is the second time Marine has led the team, a bit like when Chelsea saw the return of José Mourinho, the special one (or ‘le spécial’ as she insists we refer to her).

  • Pete

    Pete’s first experience with computers was the video game Carnivores, an FPS where you hunt dinosaurs for trophies, so naturally we put him to work alongside fellow dinosaur hunter, Adam P on our .NET applications. He’s not currently a fan of Marmite, but this might change his mind. Alternatively, it might just be further proof ‘that the devil exists’.

  • Revathi

    Revathi’s roots are in user experience research and psychology. She has moved on to building her skills in interaction design on our experiments with Hosted Services while planning and running extensive usability sessions for projects across our range of software. Since learning that The Godfather was her favourite book, we only have nice things to say about her.

  • Stephen

    Stephen attempted to stay at University studying Psychology and HCI longer than anyone else in history but became overwhelmed by the complexity of the human brain. Escaping into the real world the geek within prevailed and the hankering for working in software design grew. Red Gate beckoned and after conducting usability sessions on projects he soon began designing .NET software. His family don’t understand a single word he says about his work but have learnt to smile and nod politely.

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